What’s the difference between incandescent light and LED?

Main difference is the visual.  Incandescent light is normal traditional light housing and you put in flood, CFL or LED bulbs.  LED housing is all built in one unit and it looks much nicer.  Plus LED has much longer life expectancy.  Refer to picture below.

(LEFT) LED housing. (RIGHT) Incandescent housing

Your price is all inclusive?  Is there anything else I should be aware of?

The only thing extra you’d be responsible would be wiring from your switch to above ceiling.  Or we can do this for you for $65 per location.

Why is switch wiring not included in the price?

We often work with house that’s still being built in which case they already have wire available for me above ceiling.  When we work with existing house, that wiring must be done for me to connect power to these lights.  As long as there’s a slot in the switch box, we can make it work for you.  Just prepare a dimmer switch of your choice before we arrive.

What color choices do i have?

Typically light bulbs comes in three colors tones.  Warm White (2700K), Bright White (3000K), or Daylight (4500K)

light colors